Trade Association

Trade Association

The NAPIT Trade Association has been offering tradespeople a voice in their industry for over 20 years. We are passionate about defending and advancing the interests of all NAPIT members and base our campaigns on the feedback we receive from them via meetings, surveys and events.

Regional Member Councils

Held in numerous locations across England and Wales, NAPIT Trade Association meetings give members the chance to offer their input ensuring NAPIT works for them and in their best interests.


Working for the next generation of tradespeople through support of apprentices, colleges and students.


Presenting seminars and exhibiting at trade events across England and Wales to inform and educate the industry and proactively increase NAPIT brand awareness.

Improving Industry Standards

Ensuring a benchmark of quality and promoting a common-sense approach to regulation.


Direct representation on the Electrical Safety Roundtable; a stakeholder forum which brings together electrical industry stakeholders, with the aim of working collaboratively to improve electrical safety in the home by influencing policy changes and improving consumer awareness.

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