NAPIT spoke with BEIS last week to provide feedback on behalf of members

NAPIT spoke with BEIS last week to provide feedback on behalf of members

In a wide ranging discussion we were able to share the main issues that we have had reported to us by members, for The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) to take into a wider government review on the impact of COVID-19. To summarise, some of the main points included:

• The gaps in financial assistance for particular businesses and individuals

• The processes and timescales for accessing financial assistance

• Payment issues in the supply chain, particularly for smaller subcontractors

• The sometimes contradictory advice about non-essential travel and staying at home versus going out to work, particularly for those working in consumer homes and in construction

• Advice to use sanitizer and PPE when there are supply problems acquiring them

• The timescale of lockdown and its impact on the risk of business failure, or weakness in relation to recovery from the lockdown

• Concerns about being unable to prepare for recovery due to a need to furlough staff

• Lack of information about possible recovery approaches that would allow businesses to plan ahead

• The importance of maintaining approvals on government competence schemes in a situation where normal scheme activities are hampered

We will provide feedback or information on the above issues as it becomes available.

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