NAPIT Responds to Hackitt Review Implementation Plan

NAPIT Responds to Hackitt Review Implementation Plan

NAPIT has welcomed the continued progress made by the Government in bringing about safety improvements in high-rise residential buildings, after an implementation plan in response to the Hackitt Review was published.

The Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government confirmed that it would “take forward all recommendations” made by Dame Judith Hackitt in her final report, with a number of consultations due in the next year to determine how they will be implemented. NAPIT’s Group Chief Executive, Mike Andrews, said “We were supportive of many of the elements of the Hackitt Review when it was published in May, including its faith in the self-certification model as a way to ensure compliance with the Building Regulations. We are pleased that this response sees no reason to challenge this, and will engage with any consultations which seek to establish the best way to ensure the competence of those who work in high-rise residential buildings.

“It is clear that electrical safety remains on the agenda as part of the implementation plan, and we look forward to offering our expertise to ensure that such a safety-critical part of a building system is given full consideration. We believe that this period of review is the ideal time to strengthen and improve Part P of the Building Regulations, to clamp down on any unsafe work being carried out by unregistered electricians.”

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